Sunday, 22 August 2010

VA: With NM to VA Coming Shortly

So, my camera is hiding, along with many other items that seem to wander away when you move across the country and begin unpacking everything again. But all is well. All is splendidly well!

And why, you might ask?

Because there are window seats in this house!

I often nestle myself in the kitchen window seat, which provides a wonderful view of the forest-y backyard. The nook is also a good place for reading, or eating a dish of ice cream. (I've tried the latter, and would suggest it to anyone who visited.)

I am so happy to be here. But it is not the bittersweet "happy-to-be-here-and-hoping-to-stay-forever" feeling. Even though I feel relieved to take a sabbatical of sorts from the demands of an academic, fast-paced, busy, driving-and-traffic filled life in Southern California, I know I will want to return to my family. Family and community, at least for now, seem to be part of the nebulous idea of "Home". And I think I will always want to be "at Home".

Yet I am also discovering that other things, such as window seats, good books, homey meals, pianos and music, and even pleasant weather and beautiful flowers can make me feel "At Home" even while thousands of miles away from my family and friends.

So to my dear family and friends,
I want to assure you that I am very happy and content where I am right now. Of course there will be times of homesickness. But isn't it a lovely thing that my home is somewhere or something I can miss?

I think I shall play some piano today. And then I might unpack my things into my Owly Nest. And then I might write some letters. Or maybe I'll fall asleep again. Who knows?

Hoo, Hoo, Hoo!

I hope you are all well! Please feel free to tell me how you are doing, and tell me what the weather is like, and whether the cats caught any more grasshoppers (Ma/Pa/Alli), etc.

I promised Sam a video of the house, so I shall post it once I find my camera.

Cheerio for now!


  1. Lovie, you've arrived! :D

    The weather is getting really warm, it's awful. :(
    The cats sleep all day and all night and... yeah. They're being themselves. Murphy barks and howls as usual.

    Kevin and I went to the Crepe and Grape in Whittier. Very fun. I hope you can find crepes out there in Virginia.
    Or make crepes. Virginia crepes. :3

    Sam and I lit candles for you at church today too (he came with Joel).
    That's about all for news lovie!
    Take care and have fun.

    Much love,

  2. This sounds wonderful.
    Especially the window seats, food, and music.
    I love you.
    Also: a few Austen members discovered pictures of you that your sister took in the Biola library. It was very exciting.

  3. Hi Em,
    Glad to hear that you are enjoying the window seat. Hope you find the camera soon so you can post more pictures and videos.
    Mom and I love you and miss you sweetie.