Tuesday, 24 August 2010

NM to VA: Owl-y Breakfast, Southern Lunch, and Lots of Trees


Whenever you visit Santa Fe, you must always eat breakfast at Tecolote Cafe. This is a must. But you do not need to pose like a pathetic-broken-winged-owl in front of the Tecolote Wall.

Pa and I drove and drove and drove.
We do not have many pictures of Texas, mostly because I managed to nap the entire way. 
We did, however, see this:

(I guess it's ironic that we later passed a town called "Atkins".) 


Pa and I did not stop for beef.
But we did drive, drive, and drive some more towards Pork. And Elvis.

And I guess Elvis is about as cool as Rare Bears. ....
Or so he wishes. 

Pa and I found our Pork.

And after making a solemn pledge to someday bring Ma to such Pork, we then drove and drove and drove some more. 

Until we finally arrived in the land of trees.
Hello, Virginia!


  1. Waaaaait. What about me? Do I not get to go and have such pork? :D

    Also, I'm so happy to see Tecolote Cafe again. I love that place. Much much love. :3

    Keep taking photos love!

  2. I now have craving for such pork :) Dunno how long I will last.... before I start driving to East....

  3. Of course.... I want to see my baby girl :) after the pork....

  4. YAY! It's the FAM! Hi Fam-That-I-Love!

  5. What Pork that was, Em! Juicy, tender, sweet, falling off the bone delicious. Just for that, we should do another cross country drive through Memphis.