Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Breather

A lot has happened since I moved here:

-I chose my bedroom (The Owl's Nest).

-I was contacted by a Chinese family looking specifically for an "Asian Nanny". Oh...

-I baked a cake, which is something I haven't done since I started college. Moreover, I wanted to bake
 a cake. Also something I haven't wanted to do since I started college.

-H. and I successfully cooked up a pot of Spinach and Asparagus Risotto. Pictures to come.

-I started reading for fun. I'm currently reading The Little Princesses: The Story of the Queen's Childhood by her Nanny, Marion Crawford. And If Teacups Could Talk is my bedtime comfort book. You know, the kind of book that fills your mind with jolly plans. I'm putting the Economics Textbook and Financial Guide on hold for now. (Plus, they're too big to hold in bed. Desktop books.)

-I've started learning how to sit still and enjoy the view from the window seat.

And maybe, just maybe, H. and I will go to New York this weekend for this (!!!!). We have plans. And we also have awesome hats. 

But I must rest up for the weekend since my body is more tired than I thought.

I shall retreat to my Owl's Nest for now.

Risotto stories and videos of the house will follow at some point. Sorry for the delays! 

I shall be back in a few days. 



  1. Don't worry, we're just glad to get updates from you. :)

    You should do some watercoloring too while you're at it :D

  2. Em,
    Your risotto looks beautiful. First time I had risotto, I thought someone made a mistake trying to make a rice pudding. Keep posting your news. We miss you and love you sweetie.

  3. Which room did you pick? I can only assume it is the blue one because that is the only one that could be described in that way. : )

  4. The Jazz age party looks like fun! The Sartorialist went to one a while ago, and posted some great pictures.<3 Sarah

  5. Ang, I actually picked the downstairs room. Isn't that strange of me? I was so sure I'd want to be upstairs, but when I arrived, I was drawn to the cozy-shade of downstairs. The walls have been cheerified by bunting flags and mushroom drawings. :D
    I did go out on the roof the other day! I like the blue room very much.

    Sarah, H. and I were terribly disappointed that the Sartorialist did not attend this party.