Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Course List for Fall Semester 2010*

Soul Cheering Literature 101-Works by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Childhood Books I never read (Narnia series? The Hobbit? The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?), Inklings and Faith texts, and of course, the occasional Cooking Memoir (Emily Franklin, anyone?).

Art-I'm bringing my sewing machine with me, along with an antique suitcase stuffed with my favourite Softie-Making-Fabrics. I also have some unfinished rag dolls that I hope to finally clothe. There are also water colours, pastels, coloured pencils, and plenty of letter writing materials.

Science: Astronomy/How-To-Catch-A-Lightning-Bug/Tree-Hugging-I hope to see stars. And lightning bugs. And lots of trees.

P.E.-Walking, Shrimpy Prawn, and physical therapy exercises/stretching for knees, back, and upper-body.

Bible/Spiritual Formation-Daily prayers from Red Book/And Not Red Book. Hopefully supplementary reading from other books dealing with Soul Care, etc. Learning to take time to "be"--I think this can be done inside and outside of a set schedule.

Electives: Breakfasting and Tea Time, Cooking and Baking (?), and Sleep 412. Mmm. Upper-Division. 

*Who knows how much of this I will actually accomplish. I needn't conquer this list. Rather, it serves as a rough-draft plan of my agenda. Here is proof that I shall try not to be idle. Then again, I think my problem lies in being too busy.

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  1. I like your book list! Narnia and the Hobbit are wonderful. And you'll definitely have to update us on the tree hugging--sounds like fun ^_^
    <3 Sarah