Friday, 27 August 2010

Culinary Adventures of H. and E: Italian--Of the One Pot Gooey Squishy Variety

This week, H. and I ventured into the world of Cooking-Pots-Of-Somethings-For-An-Unknown-Length-Of-Time-To-Produce-Unknown-Results.
Or more simply put: we decided to try recipes we've never tried before.

Risotto has always been a great mystery to me. I grew up in a household where cooking rice was only a matter of closing the lid and pushing the right button. Rice served as an accompaniment, but never the main course itself. And what was with all of this stirring?

Moreover, a failed risotto experience from the past made me doubt that the highly praised "Arborio Rice" could produce anything other than a sticky yet crunchy mess. 

I was more than happy to be proven wrong.

H. and I asked, and the Risotto delivered excellent results!

We opted to omit the peas,
And double the spinach. Hoorah!

(Sorry for the horrid picture lighting.)


Comfortingly gooey and delicious. 
H. and I supped well that evening. 

Later in the week, we decided to roast the leftover heirloom baby tomatoes and use them in Frittata. 

Even though the above picture looks rather unappetizing, the Frittata broiled beautifully, 
And again, we had another splendid supper.


  1. "What's with all the stirring?"
    Yes love that is how cooking rice goes here at home.
    I just cooked a potfull in preparation for "Kevin and Alli have dinner with Kate and her friends" night. I'm making kimbap.
    I pushed a button and I had rice. Tada!

    Cooking is a strangely daunting experience for me. It takes FOREVER to get kimbap ready, I had no idea.
    It's no wonder motherhood, or at least wifehood, is a full time job. You try making actually good food in less than an hour, and I don't care what that weird lady on Food Network says about canned beans. :P

    I'm glad to know you're branching out, Owlet!

    Much loved and much missed you are. :)

  2. Em,
    Somehow I can't see my earlier comment on this posting. Keep trying out new recipe Em, and let us know how they turn out. We miss you sweetie.

  3. Dear Oh,
    Ooh butter!
    Oooh risotto!
    Ooooh wine!
    Oooooh tomatoes and frittata!

    I am going to send pictures of a tart as soon as I am able to put one together.

    Sam B.