Friday, 12 November 2010


Recipe for A Deliciously Autumnal Friday

-2.5 Mile Morning Stroll through Country Woods with H.

-Roasted Butternut Squash for Lunch

-Autumn Leaves! (And Jazz Music!) 

-Green Sweaters and Suede Boots 

-Trip to World Market for a Green Curtain, Christmas Gifts, and Winter Spices

-Trader Joe's 

-Canned Mandarin Oranges, Macaroni and Cheese in a Box, and the Promise of Sweet Potato Pie! 

-Babushka Loungers and Betsy-Tacy

-Enjoy your walk, pick some leaves, take some pictures, get lost in World Market looking for vanilla beans and cloves, bustle through Trader Joe's during "busy hour" (which in California Talk=NOT BUSY), come home, put mandarin oranges in the refrigerator for later, and lounge about in comfy pajamas until your sinus headache goes away.

I love my life!


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