Monday, 1 November 2010

Oh Happy Day!

A Jolly Monday is brought to you by: 

-An unexpected paycheck. (!!)
-An impromptu visit to Anthropologie with H. and S.
Some women splurge on shoes. I splurge on pajama pants. This is what I get for having a bum knee. Never could manage those heels or unsupported ballet flats. Oh well. I sure can manage flannel loungers. Especially flannel loungers in Matryoshka doll print. !!!

I bought my jammies, and it was a happy day.

Plus, H., S. and I ate cupcakes. I will find buttery sucrose laden cakies wherever I go.


  1. Matryoshka dolls! I haven't stopped being fascinated. I noticed the cups the Brittons have.

    They make great metaphors.(and play characters)