Tuesday, 14 September 2010

H&M Visit NYC (!!): Part III

Even though H. and I took advantage of NYC's dessert opportunities, our main reason for visiting was this event:




We made quite a fuss over what we would wear for this event, and my room was covered in clothes the week before our trip. (Oh, maybe it was also covered in clothes because I had just moved in. Yeah, that, too. You could say that it's just because we're girls. But the Jazz Party proved to me that Mister-Fellows enjoy dressing up just as much as the Lady Folk do. More on that later.)

I'm rather proud of how my hair turned out that day. Not that the style was authentically 1920's, but it was sufficiently curled, pinned, and tucked under a hat. I felt like Miss de Vine from Gaudy Night since my pins kept falling out all day!


 As the pins began to fall...

We did H.'s hair in two braids pinned up and also tucked underneath her hat. I thought she looked absolutely charming.

If you look closely, you can see the braids peeking out from beneath her cloche. Isn't her dress fabulous?

I purchased a pair of perfectly round spectacles,
And they make me look perfectly silly.
But I'm determined to wear them if I ever have to write some sort of thesis. Or maybe just for term papers. Or if I'm ever feeling silly.
And we toured the cars.

We also picknicked on bread, hummus, cheese, and champagne sorbet. (No picture, but our meal was delicious.)


We danced, 
We watched a vintage bathing suit contest,
We listened to the masses of costume-clad people talk high society, 
 And we and managed to stay cool despite the 100 degree weather. 


We also decided that all men ought to wear suspenders.

Part IV will be about Central Park and our Hostel tour.


  1. Dearling! Your background choice is spot-on perfection.
    I love hearing about your adventures.
    You want me to narrate your life for you--only if you narrate mine, like you do in your blog!

    Hope to see you sometime soon before I become old and grey...